In Microsoft Windows, the start menu is the least colorful


Microsoft is working on their Windows operating system, and it provides at regular intervals in order to ensure that the new funds will reach you in a timely manner to the users. Who is an “Insider”, you may be more likely to benefit from these Changes, but also to live with a few Bugs – its Beta-Life. As The Verge reports, files, Microsoft, in addition to the newly launched outside the color-coded Icons next to your Start menu.

As the one or the other it would certainly fit with the color-coded Icons are not very good also, the color of the stored tiles. Depending on what accent you have, a set of colors, and works for better or for worse. We are well aware of this challenge and is laying in one of the next iterations in the tile, colorful, ad, act, and more transparency.

Live Tiles aren’t going away, we have not announced anything of the sort,” says Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager on the Windows Insider team. “Those of you who like Live Tiles, you will still be able to do that.”

We will be making any of these Changes, in particular, to a unified user experience between Windows 10 and 10X, and Windows on a Dual – Screen Version of custom guarantee. Let’s see, what time is the first innovations to arrive on the Island Built.