In order for you to connect your Android Smartphone to a Windows PC


Berlin, germany. It comes down to the Sending of the data, and the result, today there are many roads on the Internet. Indirect connections, possibly via a cable, it became unpopular in a lot of cases, but it is still a good choice for you. For example, if you want to hang on to an Android Smartphone or Tablet to your computer, the Windows operating system.

The App for your Smartphone here

But after you see it

To that end, Microsoft has recently renamed the program to the computer, “Smartphone”, which was previously under the name of “Your Phone has been. Thus, for example, photos and Videos between the two devices for the transfer or SMS-to-PC-tap – since the Smartphone application, the application is installed.

And this is supposed to be an App with a somewhat heavy title of “a companion for your device-Link for Windows. Depending on the model of your Smartphone, and there are also special features, such as Mirroring and Apps to the Monitor on the PC and use it with a keyboard, a mouse, or a touch-screen computer. The one that goes with it, and it is not explained in the Microsoft Support area of its web site.