It can not be! Yes it works! Discover how to remove pimples of the face with cinnamon


A face free of pimples is possible with this simple trick natural.

The majority of people want to wear an attractive face and healthy, but on occasions the pimples and the pimples do not allow this, then read this article you will know that do to not spend more.

Shins new in the morning.

Have a face as flawless is a serious undertaking, it requires good eating habits, exercise, drink plenty of water, and once in a while do a preventative cleaning. However, once it appear these eruptions on the face, you get rid of them.

To extract a pimple, there’s a tool that goes by the name sacacomedon, is a clamp that has different forms and is used to extract blackheads.

Now that you know the basic comes the main how to make out with ease, and for this we need a little bit of cinnamon and honey. We’ll mix this product in the following way for each spoonful of cinnamon, add two of honey.

Once you have the mixture should have a dough-like consistency, apply it on the pimples and acnes, wait at least 10 minutes and then rinse off with abundant lukewarm water.