It looks your body! Do not damage your skin and discover how to care for it with this simple trick


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It is common to hear a lot of rumors or secrets about the care of the body but many times these are fake and only time is lost or suffer more of the problem we want to avoid. So we discussed some curiosities that are said.

Exfoliate your body and face with sugar or salt: Prepare a scrub with salt or sugar may sound simple, natural, and effective, but in reality, the sharp edges of the sugar or salt let small micro cuts in the first layer of the skin.

Use glue to get rid of blackheads:Adhesives normal contain acrylates this is the chemical that allows them to stick to the surface this can irritate the skin in a matters of seconds.

Cover a pimple with toothpaste to make it disappear: this is because the pasta has harsh ingredients and chemicals such as peroxides, artificial fragrances and alcohol, these materials can cause burns on the skin.

Apply citrus juice to clean the face and clear spots: although it contains vitamin C and other minerals which are good, this is not recommended because the juices are acidic and cause the skin to dry, irritated or even peel.