It’s that beautiful! Look how it looks like Yuya with this outfit from a magazine that lets you see this


Yuya has become an icon in the public

Yuya is a youtuber mexican who has spent the last year posting videos specialized in the field of makeup which are directed to youth, day, day follows to learn a bit of this area

Recently, we have found a photo on his official Instagram that has enternecido to all her fans because she looks radiant and very happy to comply with their targets that is why we publish the picture that you’ll see below.

The image that we quote the following: “Here ends the #15DíasConmigo really was incredible to be closer to you, and constantly be around this area , I am fortunate that we are forming a community so beautiful and positive”


“I also remembered, and I share once more, that nothing of what we see here is completely real. How nice to enjoy this without that we consume and take over our mind. Thanks to those who entered and became a part I feel more pegadita to you than ever before.

Among the comments are: “I also enjoyed muchooooo. I love you, beautiful,” “I did, and I loved it! more challenges as well!” “Thanks to you @yuyacst to have this extraordinary idea, and to be able to stay connected with all that we are your followers and others! I hope to return with more things and blessings we love you all”.