Jim Root (Slipknot) she loves Ariana Grande


Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Credits: Julia Nemesheimer

From metal to pop, now is a moment: Jim Root cultivated pleasures “the forbidden”

Continue unlikely endorsement coming from the artists of what once was considered the “serious”music directed towards singers and well-known names of pop and music “business”. Coldplay have praised Justin Bieber, and none other than the Queen have expressed their admiration for the Korean BTS. Now it is the turn of Jim Rootthe Slipknot number 4. Guitarist in the band, Corey Taylor, and ex-member of the Stone Sourthe musician has expressed your praise, listen to this, for Ariana Grande. There is in the mind nothing more far away from the music of the Slipknot.

Slipknot – Black Strong, 2020

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In an interview, the guitarist said: “One of the girls of our company management was listening Ariana Grande […] I was like: What is it? Crazy! Has as a vibration, do you understand?’ She told me who it was, and I went out of my head“. Clearly fans of the band will be totally shocked in considering a comment like this, but invite you to take the opportunity to try something untried: maybe Ariana Grandeif listened to in a context of pop, it will not be so bad. What do you think? Even if the guitarist of a metal band brutal and nihilistic it was enchanted, a reason there must be.

Source: New Musical Express

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