Karol G closes this deal to come to Spain. It last time! Find out this


The Spanish fans of Karol G since they can hurry if they want to see it live. The interpreter The Tusa you will pass through our country to the next July 25, and what will it do for Santanderin The Campa de La Magdalena. And attention, because it won’t single. If you are interested in, keep reading.

The colombian singer will be one of the protagonists of the festival Honky Tonk Popi Music 2020, that is held in the framework of the celebrations of the Big week of Santander. It will be the fifth consecutive year, the festival, and in the Karol G will provide a performance within your tour Ocean World Tour, that has already passed by United States, Latin america and part of Europe. And it will do so after you have added the first Grammy Award Latino in your resume.

The signings of Karol G

But as we said, will not make it alone. Will act in a program that includes six other artists of renown that have been heating the atmosphere for the whole afternoon. And attention to the signings that has made the artist Medellin for the occasion.

The festival opens its doors to the 16 hoursan hour or so before the first major performance of the event. The singer-songwriter and composer Belen Aguilera will be in charge of opening the curtain. An hour later will be the turn of Robledoit will then appear in the platform to the 18 hours. The 18:30 DJ Ivi in addition to the performance, while the 19 it will be the turn of Adexe & Nau.

As to the 20:30 hours it will be up to Dani Fernández, a former member of the group Aurynwhat will be the prelude to the final stage and the climax of the night.

The end of the party big

First will take place the concert of Don Patricio, which will start at 22:15 hours. And later, to the 23:40 hourswill be the expected shift of Karol Gthat will sign an order to all out party.

Karol G
Karol G

If you are interested, you should know that the prices range from 30 euros for the general admission to the 55 the entry VIP. Will be available this Friday from the 10 hours and the sale is run by The English Court. In addition, you should know that there is an entry of 25 euros that gives access to the enclosure from the 21 hours for those who only want to attend the entrees.