Let Becky G’s birthday and so we celebrated with a tiny tiny dress! It maddening!


The beautiful Becky G’s birthday, and the social networks don’t forgot to Look at how we celebrated!

Rebbeca Marie Gomez, better known as Becky G today celebrates his 23rd spring, this young woman in spite of her such a young age, celebrating one more year of life and a musical career full of successes.

The u.s. thanks to its collaborations with renowned artists reggaeton, and more its simplicity, have made getting very far Now Becky he has more than 24 million followers on its official account of Instagram!

Thanks to the multitude of followers, this young man will also have created fan profiles that are dedicated to exposing only the best of it in his honor.

His faithful followers did not forget your birthday, and published a provocative photo of her with a mini dress to the side of a rich cake, oh my divine!!

Happy 23 Becky!