LG TV 2020: the prices for the fold-away TV, 8K, OLED, and nano-cells are


The company has announced, in the context of a small in-house trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, for the price of a 2020 for the planned TV series, 8K, OLED, and nano-cells. On the TV screen, the company announced just prior to the Start of the CES in the beginning of the year. Also, the price of a bendable OLED Tv that is now well-known.

Up to 60,000 Euros with a fold-away TV

Foldable OLED-TV that it’s a relatively compact, Cheaper than above, I had been a LG for the first time, in January of 2019 at the latest CES, and, thus, many visitors are Amazed, taken care of. After the TV is 65 inches, with a resolution of 4K, followed by a long period of time without further information, it is, after all, the price: according to the model number of the OLED65RX9LA (R) of the rollable) to come up on the TV for the price-of-59.999 Euro in the course of the year for the German market. Of a specific date, you can’t call the company yet.

The OLED-TV with an 8K or 4K with Nvidia G-Sync

The other two TRANSMISSION-car-in-chief of the ZX series, is the OLED88ZX9LA and OLED77ZX9LA, each with a resolution of 8K. The 88-inch variant will be launched in may to 29.999 Euro, and the 77-inch version in June to 19.999 Euro. The addition of the DISPLAY-the Portfolio is split into the short form of the “HTML” part of the Wall, “the WAY” (photo Gallery), as well as “CX,” and it always comes with a resolution of 4K. As the number of the ACTION, you can do with your webOS device, support HDMI 2.1, Nvidia’s G-Sync, 120 Hz, Dolby Vision, as well as the Apple Iphone, the 2, and HomeKit. In addition, the Amazon, the Alexa rank and Google’s Assistant is installed into the Smart Home. At the base of each of the Rights its own Alpha processor in the third Generation. For the first time, the OLED48CX9LB an OLED TV in 48-inch for $ 1,799 Euro. Up until now, LGs OLED have the TV in 55 inch.

The LG OLED TV in the Year 2020

8-level input on your LCD for 3,900 Euros

The resolution of 8K, and there are also Rights in the nano-cell LCD-based. Here’s a selection, with four models, it is still higher than the one of the only two Tv’s to DISPLAY, in addition to the price of the input is four times the resolution of 4K, more than 16,000 Euro from falling lower. Also, in the case of a Flat-screen tv with 8K resolution, the Alpha processor 9 Gen 3, for the processing of the image, while the 4-variations in the Alpha-7 Gen 3 to come in. The equipment is in terms of Smart Home control using Apple AirPlay, 2, HomeKit, Amazon, Semrush, and Google’s Assistant, is identical to the TRANSMISSION Licence. On the remote control and a microphone for voice-control of the heart.

LG’s nano-cell television by 2020