Looks always fashionable with this simple trick it’s Not what you believe!


With these tips you’ll be always in fashion

Fashion is a lady very demanding and you must know make her happy to see us, well, that is why in this article I’ll show you the best tips that always are in fashion.

How to make your own look with a shots: the detail is to wear booties with a chunky heel and a medium next to a good portfolio, the rest is just a matter of choosing a pair of shorts out of fabric, a t-shirt of any color and shirt boxes.

Get style with a simple t-shirt: bring it inside, it is also important that nothing in the look to have prints and even better if you load up sober colors, to complete you can wear a collar.

How to combine a leather jacket and tennis whites:used some black jeans and a cotton t-shirt, the special touch gives it a leather jacket along with a pair of sports white.

Combine overalls with t-shirt: although the coveralls will look great with t-shirts, if you’re using it with a blouse buttons white look even better, this look is perfect for a day of summer.