Meghan Markle will be ready to be a part of the world cinecomic?


Meghan Markle always finds a way to make a talking point. Apparently, the Duchess of Sussex has a certain longing begins his work. Used, maybe the problems with the Royal family after the election, her and her husband, Harry, away from the English crown, the former star of the series Suits would like to be on stage again, but this time in cinecomics.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle suitable drives his representative in search of a role for you. The Duchess would not be made a secret, at his request, to pray again, for the need of economic independence, without neglecting the welfare associations, the woman would have already signed an agreement in this connection with Disney.

Nick Collins, the agent of Markle, the prestigious Agency, Gersh, is said to collect a variety of offers, and a source in the vicinity:

Nick has said that Meghan wants to return to acting, by being part of a genuine ensemble, as a cast in a super hero movie. Apparently, it is open for the best deals on the market. Meghan organized a series of meetings in Hollywood. In the past, has his voice for Disney, but now he wants to be a super-hero film, also called a voice from outside, the active front of the camera, ( … ), All of the Actresses of the series A of Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry has played in this type of film. Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma with the Marvel movies, but they are now the largest market in the world. And this is what he wants Meghan.

That is really a new beginning for the Duchess of Sussex? Canada has refused to pay for the security of Meghan and Harry, the farewell of the Royal Family nears, the 31. March is the end of a Chapter and the beginning of another. That under the signature Marvel? Who knows.

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