Meghan Marvel: of Duchess in supereroina


After thefarewell to the Royal Family Meghan Markle wanted to back the film career there was no doubt: he had not yet set foot, the outside of Buckingham Palace, that the message of the role voice actress for Disney (synchronization in return for a donation to an environmental organization of choice of the Duchess of Sussex, you will understand why the Megxit was not yet finally approved) had already been around the world. Now, however, l’ex Rachel Suits wants more. On the contrary, you need, economically, to go further: she wants to play a role of supereroina. It is to prove, in fact, it’s high time for you to, that you will be able to provide a living for his merits. So, the Duchess entrusted to find his agent, a role in a superhero movie: “White, it will not re-enact just that in a movie as an actress. People are not able to overcome, the fact that it’s Meghan Markle. But you say again, and thinks to go is a great film by the way“has confirmed that Guardian a source in the vicinity of Markle. And when the moment of Disney let us know that there are no other agreements on the role of actress, the supereroina could really be a strategic decision for the return to the scene of Meghan. Many Actresses of the first floor including Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Margot Robbie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry she played in the movies of super heroes: when, until recently, there was a certain amount of distrust, is now a Marvel to interpret the biggest dream of every actress.

Of course, you are aware of the ambitions of His Royal Highness, the tabloid British lawn to resist a number of super heroes, the Duchess could easily be interpreted to. The Guardianalways changes, part of Meghan Markle explained that “Now, this is so famous that for the audience it will be impossible to distinguish this from the characters to interpret. Then it makes sense that her first major role as a super hero will blur the boundary between fiction and reality, which is why should the Princess Projectra interpret. Projectra it is not only a member of the Royal family, but its main function is the revengeafter his Royal privileges and finances, which have been removed, with the force, despite his wishes. In practice, you would have written“.

If the rumors of the universe movie, Marvel, develop a Captain Britain – a comic character created by Chris Claremont in 1976 for Marvel UK – are met, then Meghan Markle would be a sorceress, the great Rommakes the know E-Mail. The infamous figlia of Merlin gives his Captain Britain (maybe Prince Harry?) the Amulet of Right and the power you all again to the world. A role is small, but they mean very much for Meghan Rom defender of justice and defender of the rights of the socially weak.

L’Evening Standard is on Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. In fact, there are already a Gamora and Zoe Saldana seems born for this role. But the tabloid explains that in the role, Meghan Markle would be even better: Gamora is a woman for walking in the universe after his home planet has become untenable: behind its stance on the Philippines, however, there is a broken relationship with a father “powerful” and every single action of Gamora was designed to be a little distance from him. “Something tells us that Meghan Markle, know how he the figure beautifully“.

So, while the Prince Harryin the last days, he spent some time at Windsor castle, together with the grandma Elizabeth, Meghan Markle fill the calendar with appointments, to ride back-scenes. From Met Gala in maywhere, as reported by the Sunthe Duchess could participate with Edward Enniful, the editor of Vogue UK. Finally, in the last year, the hostess Anne Wintour had revealed that Meghan Markle and his sister-in-law, the first two names were Kate Middleton is on his list of the guests: “I would like to the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge. The couple would be in my dreams“. Maybe this year your wish will be realized. If only the half of it.