Mess in the cole of Leonor. What makes Letizia if you ask for a selfie (and is very ugly)


04 march 2020
(13:40 CET)

The who has been involved in the social networks in the last few hours in tone to a controversial queen Letizia has been the fat. And is that, as you well know those that are pending, of everything that surrounds the monarchy, it is not the woman of the king Felipe you have an army of faithful to their backs.

What is more, there are many more that are critical in the normal way to Ortiz that which you praise each one of their outfits and their gestures/actions in public. A number of haters, which, in addition, are very active in the networks.

Hence, now that you have emerged one of the recent trouble in the college of Leonormany of his detractors have taken advantage to charge against it. And is that has been one of the mothers of the college where studied Leonor and Sofia the one that has leaked an ugly gesture Letizia.

The mess of Letizia in the cole

And it seems that, when the queen is not ‘service’, is not a woman who likes to take selfies with people. That is what has happened on the odd occasion when a classmate of his daughters wanted to take a picture with her.

Queen Letizia | EFE

A request that Letizia has not agreed. Something that is not like precisely a lot of mothers and fathers of school. While it is true that, when there are cameras and media, Letizia is very friendly and does not hesitate to be close, so, too, is that, when there are no cameras, it shows a lot less close.

Something that has generated that many more load against it on the social networks. And it is that this kind of polemics does not do anything other that reinforce the image of a woman so cold and distant that a long time ago that has Ortiz.

An image that is not that like her husband, who knows that, in the end, it is the image of the monarchy is at stake.