Microsoft shows the start menu in the new Look


Microsoft has redesigned the start menu in Windows 10. As a result, the Live tiles seem to fly by, even if you don’t want to commit just yet.

Windows 10 is constantly supplied with new resources and experiences for the year of the Redesign. The following should be the Live Tiles on the start menu for the victims, who had once been in the Windows Phone, which was later renamed to Windows 10 Mobile and smart phones have entered.

The Windows 10 start menu: Microsoft shows off redesign with new Icons

The Microsoft’s Windows Insider Webcast was presented on Tuesday with a revised version of the text on the start menu for Windows 10, which differ in their functionality, or to build on the previous one. The focus is on new Icons for the Fluency Project, announced by Microsoft a while ago, they used to be.

In the “old” Windows 10 start menu with Live Tiles. (Image: t3n/Ms)

Microsoft wanted to convey a sense of how your menu will look if the Icon for the Re-design is done, and for all of the users in the form of a Windows Update, it will be distributed. The Live Tiles, it was nothing to see.

During the Demonstration, Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc, senior program pointed Manager of the Windows Insider Group: the Live Tiles are not going to go away, we don’t have anything like that announced. Those of you that use the Live Tiles, I’d like to be able to continue to do so.” The aim of this is lost on the, until then, chaotic and colorful, with the appearance of the start menu, a more uniform layer of ink, so LeBlanc.

The Windows 10 start menu with new Icons. (Image: t3n/Ms)

Windows-10-in short, without any of the active tiles in the start menu?

The Manager pointed out that the active tiles, it will be in the future, to allow you to leave to be able to use them on the new Icons to replace the o In the Image, the new Design, the bright and the dark modes can be seen.

Until further notice, Microsoft does not seem to with the start menu, thus, it’s a two-pronged approach in order not to disappoint the Fans of the active tiles. However, it would be in the long term, it is conceivable that they will eventually have to be completely removed, in order not to miss the Windows 10, with a consistently uniform Design.

In the future, for Windows, Version 10, the start menu is going to be, however, it is a little bit different, again and again, which is contrary to the Plan of a rigorous application process, the Windows theme is reflected. Why should it be possible to get a list of recently used documents to display. The application must be anpinbar. In addition to this, the start menu, you should be able to fill in at the Windows, up to 10X faster across the screen, and that it is likely to be, particularly in the case of the two-screen devices, such as the Surface of the Neo or the Lenovo Thinkpad X1, the Bending direction.