Microsoft: Windows 10 start menu gets a new look


After that, Microsoft has announced the end of 2019 at the latest, a lot of new icons for the operating system, Windows 10, will adapt the company’s is likely to be in the start menu, visually, by the color of the emphasized that the Live tile for the developer to experiment with a simple menu, with a uniform colour scheme for the Background and the App. A screenshot of the new App icons in order to see it, in the shade of the color. In the magazine, IT is THE point of the report, with reference to the so-called insider sources.

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Parallel to the color-transparency effects, the celebrities are expected to join. This is a part of the philosophy of a Fluent design that Microsoft has integrated for quite some time, on your operating system and programs. Both the light and the dark, from the start menu, in order to be affected by the Changes. The concept of a self-moving blocks, which must, however, continue to receive the following: “The people who like to use the Live tile, it can continue to do,”he says Microsoft Insider, the developer’s Brandon Leblanc, in a Webcast.

Windows 10X-it looks completely different

The next time Windows up to 10X faster the start menu will look slightly different once again. It will be possible to display a list of recently used documents to prominently display. There is, also, the orders will be directly anpinnbar. The Windows 10 start menu, it will fill the entire screen. What this suggests is that the focus is on the pair device screen. Also in the new Windows ‘ Live tiles to play only a minor role. On the Edge waiting for them to go away, sooner rather than later.

We don’t know when we will be implementing changes to the design to Windows 10. As well as the new icons of the apps, they would be able to be integrated into the operating system, rather than at a fixed time.

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