Mommie! As a dancer, Arabic, Kylie Jenner mark your hips with this skirt flush


The model Kylie Jenner returned to enthrall his fans with just two photos: reached 5 million likes, with a look style dancer arab dance. ¡OMG!

Kylie Jenner surprised its 164 million followers a few days ago with the hair once again dyed, this time blond.

Uploaded a photo to their social networks, where the model was on a plane and posed for the camera with her hair chestnut and wavy loose.

But now, to complete the combo perfectado for her fans, Kylie Jenner decided to dress in an outfit very similar to that of a dancer arab dance.

Mommie! Kylie Jenner put on a top ultra small and snug, plus a skirt tube that barely rose to the hips, plus a few strings in the stomach and completed the set.

Already in the second photo, left to your discretion. Operation cosmetic or not, that is great!