More than 11 million likes! Kylie Jenner hits Instagram with their photos in bikini


There are still a few months to the start of the summer, but that is not an impediment to that Kylie Jenner look glorious and spectacular in a bathing suit.

I was the youngest of the Clan Kardashian has travelled to the idyllic beaches of the Bahamas to enjoy its peace, tranquillity, sun and crystal clear waters. But the young do not lose your time and the time that recharge in the Caribbean is sharing your holiday photos on Instagram.

Some pictures, by the way, have exposed your beauty and sensuality with different bathing suits and bikinis, and also his new look, a ombre now give a touch of light to your thick, dark hair.

One of the publications that more success has had in the profile of the mom Stormi is in the appears with a bikini-brown and staring into the camera. Simply, how precious!

The entrepreneur has also given time to experiment with your hairstyle and put on some extensions of more than two meters that has collected in a braid XXL, some leave it up to the height of the bitumen to the it took Jennifer Lopez in the music video You I threw away. Literally going to be dragging in the session of photos that you have starred.

In the most recent photo she has shared Kylie appears seated on the beach along with his sister Kendall, who seems to not have wanted to lose these days of disconnection and relaxation along with Kylie and her friends.

Accompanying them is also the daughter of Kylie, Stormi, that each time it appears in the social networks of your mom to get revolucionarlas with her tenderness and grace. Just look at the fun grin it puts on this sweet image:

Despite all the envy that they have awakened these images that transport you directly to the center of the Caribbean, the owner of the empire cosmetic that bears his own name has garnered a huge amount of ‘likes’ on Instagram which make it clear that Kylie is one of the queens absolute of this social network, where you have a community of 164 million followers.

A figure that places it as the fifth celebrity with the most followers on the social network, being behind Cristiano Ronaldo (206), Ariana Grande (176), Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” (173) and Selena Gomez (169). In addition, it has positioned itself in front of her older sister Kim Kardashian, who has on his counter followers 161 million.