Natti Natasha I caught! Recorded with a mobile phone dancing when I party


Since then, if a fan of reggaeton has been these days in Miamiyou may have encountered with a surprise bomb. Three, best said. And is that a trio of stars of the sector has been liándola through the streets of the american city.

These have been Natti Natasha, Becky G and Karol G, which organized a departure of girls amazing, and they have been hanging photos and videos in social networks. The it girls they were having a great time, dancing and singing their own songs, but, like any other client of the nightclub.

Natti Natasha, Becky G and Karol G enjoy the night

In addition, they did it in the healthiest way, because as seen in the next snapshot, Becky G it is drinking water. Or that was what it said.

In fact, so amazing was that all three were departing together party that passed unnoticed. The saw does not end up believing that they were them. Or that allowed them to unleash their vitality. Because as any young person under the age of 30 yearsthem also like to give it all when they leave the party. And made it clear that they also know how to spend it best.

The bailecito de Natti Natasha

But of course, as expected, there were also some discrete camera that recorded some of the moments of the night. For example, the video of the following publication, in which Natti Natasha marks a dance of the most sensual, that even has shocked more than one.