Nicki Minaj could marry by next week


18 October 2019

There is an air of orange blossom for Nicki Minaj when, at the end of July, had asked for the marriage license.

The same rapper had explained that since then he had 90 days to marry the boyfriend Kenneth Petty and it seems that now the time has come! Nicki talked about it with And! News during the launch party of his collection “Prints On” with Fendi.

“We have the marriage license he stated, but there is a pastor in particular that I would like to office and released just today. I said that will be available next weekthen within seven days we could be married“.

Don’t expect a traditional wedding and, above all, long-planned, because Nicki Minaj has clarified that: “It’s too much, it would take too much to program, and I’m not good with these things. Are a procrastinatrice, so if you really pianificassi it would take two years“.

Meanwhile, the star has already been carried out and has changed his name on Twitterusing the last name of the future husband, now it’s called Mrs Petty.

The 36 year-old Kenneth Petty had met and fallen in love when they were teenagers, but then they were lost to view, and you are found at the end of last year.

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