Nicki Minaj is married to Kenneth “Zoo” Petty: the announcement


Nicki Minaj it is officially a “Mrs”. The rapper announced married Kenneth “Zoo” Petty. And now can finally call him “husband”, a “nickname” that he had used in the past to contact your boyfriend will confuse everyone. She is 36 years old, he 41, have been dating for a year. And the confirmation of the “yes” came with a video via Instagramin which Nicki shows two cups with written on it, in fact, “Mrs” and “Mr”, and two baseball caps with a message that is even more unequivocal: The “bride” and “Groom”.

And to be more precise: “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 21/1/19“according to the caption, namely the real name of her, followed by the surname of him and that they could be the date of the wedding. Last August, on the other hand, the singer had revealed in radio have already requested licenses double and be ready to tie the knot in a maximum of 80 days. The idea was to do a small weddingand to celebrate it then great at a later time. “I have to work on my new album, I’m focusing a lot,” he added. So Nicki and the rapper must have complied with that script. Even if the announcement of her last September – “Let the music play!” – has left everyone without words.

The relationship with the Zoo, at least for what concerns the “side” the public, dates back to December 2018, when the two began sharing messages, dedications and pictures together via social. He it is also made a tattoo with “Onika”, name of the star. In the past the rapper weighs in a conviction for attempted rape on a 16-year-old. It was 1995 and he was 15 years old. In 2002, however, was then arrested for manslaughter, and sentenced to serve a prison sentence.

Nicki, however, has always preferred look to the future. “He was 15 years old, she’s 16… in a relationship. But go to that country on the internet. You can not lead my life, the life of all”, he commented, responding to a follower, one of the two charges. The future, moreover, seems to just be together.


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