Nicki Minaj is the bride? He would have just asked for the publication of marriage


30 July 2019

There may be a famous wedding in view of which not sospettavi nothing: to Nicki Minaj.

The rapper and the boyfriend Kenneth Petty they would go in the palace of justice in Beverly Hills last Monday, where, according to TMZ, they would have asked the publication of marriage.

It is that license that precedes the wedding, which formally communicates to third parties the intention of getting married. In The United States, there is usually time 90 days to go to the altar after the publication of the marriage.

The 36 year-old Kenneth Petty had met and fallen in love when they were teenagers, but then they were lost to view, and you are found at the end of last year.

He has a turbulent past behind, and Nicki Minaj was stepped on when the fan had attacked him.

ph: getty images