Nicki Minaj, leave Instagram if they like


Cike teaches, “you’re nobody” Maurizio Gasparri, back in 2012, aimed at young protester with only 48 followers on Twitter, number of followers on social for vip and celebrity is the unit of measure of success. And the same goes for the like: now that Instagram has announced plans to remove the ability to view the number of “likes” to the post, the revolt of the star. Starting from Nicki Minaj, who has already expressed the intention to leave the social if the policy of Instagram will be confirmed.

Nicki Minaj, without like no Instagram

I won’t post on IG after this week, because they remove the like“he wrote on Twitter. “Hmmmm, what should I spend now? I think of all the time I have with my new life“. In reality, however, it is said that the rapper will have immediately all the free time that he believes in: the test of a platform without “like” (visible to the author of the post but not users) will be implemented on Instagram only for a limited number of users, and so it is said that the singer is one of these. In fact, the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has made it known that this is an experiment “young people are concerned“and then the celebrities could be excluded a priori.

Jennifer Aniston the queen of like

Who of the number of “likes” does not care much, instead Jennifer Anistonthat on Instagram, it is arrived only a few days. And that, hidden or visible, with each post collects the avalanche of like: the first time with the first message on the platform, which has literally made it go haywire Instagram. Fifteen million like. And then with an apology:”I swear that I didn’t want to break it“. Four million and nine hundred thousand like.

And then, on Sunday, with a species of Throwback Thursday late, posting a picture of the Eighties on the set of Friends with her hairdresser, Chris McMillan, and the hairstyle “the Rachel”. Three million and three hundred thousand like. A true phenomenon of social, which is now able to collect three million and goes “I like” also simply by posting a selfie while drinking coffee. Will also feel you on the lack of the avalanche of like, if Instagram were to oscurarglieli?