Nicki Minaj lets it be understood that we are both married, changing the name on Twitter


“Mrs. Petty”

19 August 2019

That Nicki Minaj has become mrs. Petty?

The rapper has changed his name on Twitter – from Ms. Minaj to Mrs. Petty – by starting with the hypothesis that he is married with boyfriend Kenneth Petty.

A few days ago, he had confirmed that they have taken the marriage license: “We had to withdraw it, but I was traveling, then when I came back we had to renew it – he had told her during an episode of his Queen Radioshow From that moment, you have 90 days to get married. It happened about a week ago, so I still have 80 days“.

Nicki Minaj was also said that she and Petty wanted to get married in an intimate ceremony and a wedding in great below: “I have to work on my album and I have a lot of things on which to focus, for this I do not want to have a great marriage. I’ll be married before the disk comes out, but I will hold the wedding in big after the release of the album“.

The 36 year-old Kenneth Petty had met and fallen in love when they were teenagers, but then they were lost to view, and you are found at the end of last year.

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