Nicki Minaj reconsiders, and announces the release of a new album


Nicki Minaj he had officially abandoned the music scene a few weeks ago, through a simple tweet, posted last September 5: “I decided to me to make me a family – wrote the singer – I know you guys are happy, now. To my fans: please continue to support me until I die”. Behind this tweet, there was a clear willingness on the part of the american rapper to tie the knot wedding with his current partner, Kenneth Petty. Within its program Queen Radio, broadcast on Apple’s Music, had in fact declared: ”I think I’ve achieved what I was fighting: the happiness. It was so hard to reach a happy place, but now that I had arrived, I don’t want to compromise it even for nothing or anyone”.

However, it must be something new, because now it seems to us rethoughtand in confirmation of these rumors came also another intervention on the social in which he communicates that is to publish to a new disk: “I’m still here” he wrote a few days ago Nicki Minaj, after an interview with the magazine Elle in which he announced that the next album would be “fierce and fun”. The last discographic work “Queen” it was released in 2018, but, apparently, the rapper is not ready-to-hang on a nail in the microphone.

I love you still madly kids – had withdrawn on the social – and the you know. In hindsight, I should tell you about this story on Queen Radio and so will you. I promise you that you will be happy, no host: just you and I talking about it all”. This post on his alleged return was then cancelled after a few days, but his words still resound among the words of the fans that go crazy on the social waiting of official confirmation.