Nintendo-the Switch has a birthday, 3 years since the Release of


Exactly three years ago, the “new console,” a child is born in the house of the Family, in the light of the world. 3. In march of the year 2017, the original Switch came on the market in Europe. As a true hybrid console, followed by Nintendo, in new ways, and United to a comfortable Couch-Gaming with a powerful device for on-the-go.

All over the world by the end of 2019 at the latest), have been sold since the launch, more than 50 million copies to date. Thus, the decision has already surpassed the SNES (approximately 49.1 million people), and it has a good chance of a place in the Top 10 of the most sold gaming consoles.

Nintendo is celebrating with a flash, the 3, here, on Twitter, and it asks you for the bookmark, and the player’s heads:

The initial doubt, to the great Surprise

After that, the developer has made a grip with the Wii U, unfortunately, it’s a mistake, it was the shock of that, it’s great that you are going to get a new console for a similar concept. The system was learning at the time, in fact, the only one, and the increase of the Gamecube (hardware-side) with a new controller, the new controller for movement. The device has sold more than 100 million devices, it’s even better than the PlayStation 3. The successor to the Wii, Wii U, and is close to the stationary structure, the combination of a screen, and the Controller is in the update, in order to create a “bridge” between the TV and the computer than by Hand. The bill does not go to it, the concept did not appear to be properly thought out, and I could not control. In the mobile phone market, however, and it is executed beautifully, both for the DS as well as 3DS will be featured in a number of sales.

It was, in retrospect, certainly, it is the right decision to bury the Wii U very quickly. The original was then, in the main, who introduced the concept of success in the future. Originally under the working title of the series, with NX, the new hybrid-came in at 3. In march of 2017, oct. The new console has.

1 TeraFLOP for the NVIDIA Tegra X1.

The biggest Hit for Nintendo over the decision-making of a graphic chip by NVIDIA. The Tegra X1 provides the Parameter correctly, the performance of the computer, along with a perfect interface to the programmer. The Tegra X1 is able to amazing the 1 Teraflops (FLOPS is the number of arithmetic operations to give you the victory: and the more, the better).

Consoles are FLOPS in terms of

  • Xbox-X – 6 TFLOPS
  • The PlayStation 4’s Pro-4.2 TFLOPS
  • PlayStation 4 – 1,84 TFLOPS
  • Xbox-One-S – FOR 1.4 TFLOPS
  • The Xbox One 1,31 TFLOPS
  • The original Change of 1 TFLOPS
  • The Wii U IS 0.3 TFLOPS
  • Xbox 360 – 0.24 per TFLOPS
  • PlayStation 3 – 0,23 TFLOPS
  • Xbox – 0,020 TFLOPS
  • Wii – 0.012 in TFLOPS

By the Tegra X1 Chip, and the Switch count is administered in the area of stationary home consoles, and the current Ports like The Witcher 3 or Metro 2033 Redux show, what is it with NVIDIA Hardware. Only the developer of the chipset, and offers easy access to the interfaces, it is possible that the current “huge information” on the Switch.

Nintendo could make a game

The one thing you must not forget that the strong point of the Franchise’s original name, and the truth of the First Part of the title. With the First Breath of life in the Wild is a unique title for the console, which has become one of the major representatives of the genre, for example. Also, Super Mario Odyssey, it has revolutionized the Genre of 3D platformer again, and the Deluxe Version of the Mario Kart 8 becomes a never-ending gaming fun for the whole family.

The range of the Change in points is already a considerable amount, and that you don’t need to hide behind the other consoles. In addition to the physical, and the sale of ink Cartridges, a good accessibility of the e-shop, with its regular promotions helps to keep the business running. Then, all of the Fans of the popular series, Animal Crossing, the game can be a spin-off of the Switch you have. Animal Crossing: New Horizons, ” he’s going to call us in the 20’s. Mar.

Even after three years, the full potential is not dried up yet. Nintendo’s President, Shuntaro Furukawa the self-certificate to the Switch through the beginning of 2020, in comparison with the press of one long into the future. With the Switch to the Lite version, the group expanded its group of customers again significantly, and because of this, you should be ready for the 3DS ausplätschert slowly, with Nintendo’s support, and in any case, both of these markets over the long term.


With the change to the original has shown that the market of portable game consoles, it is still a long way from the snow of yesterday, the Smartphone Was not to get into the console to death, and you can be rich with a Tradition of great Games and new concepts to the gaming world as it was before.

Note: Just in time for the anniversary, it’s also a new Update for the Firmware 9.2.0 – this, however, does not bring any new Features, but the performance and the technical Details.