OnePlus robot balls in the snow, with 193 km/h) to shoot


In accordance with the OnePlus this is the first interactive Snow ball battle the world YouTube it is to be transferred. Users of 9. 12. In march, it with your OnePlus Account, log in, and you live in one of the four Robot taxes. You should have a good connection to the Wi – Fi connection 5. He is currently competing on two teams. The Team, which Robot less frequently they are taken, in order to earn. Each game lasts for a few minutes, the eight Balls of snow – it has to be available.

OnePlus invites the User to Lapland

OnePlus there is a file that is closed off during the battle, each and every a couple of hours. Using a web Browser to the notification, the User will be notified that you’re now coming up on the series. Those who like it in person Lapland I would like to travel to, you will also have the Chance to do that. OnePlus the 18 Users in the far North. You can apply until Wednesday, at 12 o’clock, noon, on the OnePlus one Forum.