Only Cardi B was able to make this gift exaggerated to her husband Offset for his birthday

16 December 2019

Open the umbrella because Cardi B does it rain dollars!

For the birthday of her husband Offset, who has done 28 years, the last 14 December, the rapper has pulled out a gift that only she could think of.

As he explained in a video on Instagram, wondered what it could take someone who has already: “Any type of car, every gem, every thing. What could I give someone who has everything?.

The answer? Cardi B has offered 500 thousand us dollars in cash – yes, half a million pieces from the 100 – and the funniest thing is that li has hidden in a refrigerator. See for yourself:

Okay #Riccanzabut also Cardi B has limits.

As you heard at the end of the video, has warned Offset that this gift will have to suffice for Christmas: “Don’t wait for anything, I will only give presents to the children“he said, referring to his daughter Kulture that they have had together and the three children he has had from previous relationships.

As you have seen, the couple is going swimmingly after a moment the turbulent last year. Recently Cardi has opened on the betrayal of her husband, telling how he gave him a second chance.

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