Paulina Rubio shows us how is their day-to-day, and without trying the criticize them for this


Paulina Rubio has given us incredible moments in the scenarios

Paulina Rubio is one of the singers mexican most influential of the time because his long artistic career he has added prominence on the big screen and the media who continue non-stop.

In addition to this, the artist often share their day-to-day with all his fans who are always very aware of it and in particular of his account in instagram, since Pauline publishes his videos to be most important.

Recently, we have observed a photograph in the official account of instagram of the artist that has left everyone with the mouth open because Paulina looks like a queen, no doubt.

The image that we quote the following: “And the Feast Began! #happyholidays #what is #navidad2019 #christmas #20/20 #surprises #projects #musicwayofliving” this simple comment cheered their fans.

Among the comments of the image are: “@paulinarubio I know that you don’t know q I am but I do know that you do and you do it very well I admire you very much thank you for your beautiful music and know that you are great super great and you touch the hearts of many from every place on the planet I adore paulina kisses and greetings from cuba.