Pitt won the Oscar, but Angelina Jolie’s other wants


While ex-husband Brad Pitt has won l’Oscar last night for his role in “theOnce upon a time…in Hollywood“movies for months, allowed him major awards, the Golden Globes, the Sag Awards and the BAFTA, without you being able to escape not even one, in a real March towards victory culminated yesterday evening with the Academy Awards, Angelina Jolie later everything remotely without ever the achievements of the man who was accused of commenting, your ruined career. “As of 6 children, we had decided that alternately one of the two would always be with you, but in the end it are almost always I, and, while he take care of the parts for the movies got more and more high-profile, I mandavo back beautiful scenarios to stay at home childrenare, ” she said, according to an insider, the Jolie home divorce and demanded from her ex-husband, a maxi-compensation for terminated started the career, as she has only 24 years, with one Oscar and then continue without braking until he met Pitt and decided to go with him a large family.

Now back to the movies “Eternals“but it is difficult to find the rhythm of a career constant. Social fan of Pitt, you accuse, have decided you “you don’t create a family, but the Foundation of a master to many children, and then complain, have too much to do as a mother“and that,”his career this was not everything much. Pitt has always rose high in the air since the beginning, while you are often in incappata flop and was known for his beauty, for his acting skills“. And more: “what have you felt when a few weeks ago, the whole world cheered and hoped that it would finally Pitt and Aniston had made peace with her painted, which is destroyed as the wicked witch, a perfect couple,” to who is on all fours, the “sand to go to Pitt, forward, that was not to drink, to take to focus, during the marriage with her, and to stop, after the divorce, there is a reason…“.

Now, while the ex-husband enjoys the glory of the Oscar dedicated to his sons and say: “This is for my kids, the coloring everything I do. Love“in the same hours it has been known to have a series of press releases, to think of something else, as a supporter of humanitarian causes. Angelina Jolie has just signed a contract with WME is because of collaborations with agencies rival CAA, and UTA. Sources Page Six they claim that the plan of Jolie is to create more documentaries, books, and other initiatives on projects, including the protection of refugees, and the education of children in areas of conflict. Insiders claim that while the latest film of Jolie “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil“it was a disaster at the box office, has now, in the program two movies, “EternalsandThose Who Wish Me Dead“, which both come in this year. But its true ambition the use of cinema as a means to raise public awareness on important social issues.

The source from Page Six said that “Angelina has tried, authors, and producers to support its global ambitions. Want to grow as an artist and activist the creation of a platform for help and support to the causes of international humanitarian. You are planning documentaries, events, lectures, books, film, why, is of the opinion, unnecessary and manipulators, the majority of hollywood movies. Has decided to do their part, because they arrive of important topics, the more people possible, and the cinema is the best tool, along with the reputation on the international level, to ensure that this happens“.

Angelina Jolie, who separated from Pitt in the year 2016, for years, the refugees supported as an Ambassador specifically for the United Nations high Commissioner for refugees.

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