PlayStation game: Five on the PS4, bonus unlocked


PlayStation game: Five on the PS4, bonus unlocked

A few days ago, the so-called PlayStation it was released in the Game that allows you to take part in the inauguration of the bonuses have selected to see. However, with the Sony, I would like to see a non-power-of-you. You, a pure-play.

The aim of the game is for PlayStation, the solid extends over three levels. And as you look at the Event’s official reveal page that has been achieved in the first two stages already. This means that you will be eligible for the bonus in round 2. These are the avatars of some of the greatest PlayStation characters in length. To be shown at the top of the charts built in.

The reward in the View of the general

  • Joel from The Last of Us
  • Ellie from The Last of Us-Part 2
  • Aloy-Horizon non-Zero-Dawn
  • Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4
  • God-of-war-Avatar

And also, in the third stage, is expected to be reached in the near future. To this end, a Community for you to play with 675,000 games and eur 2.7 million in awards for you to win. The participants will be given a dynamic in the PS4’s Design.

The rewards will be sent to you via a notification system on your PS4.

You can win

1. The destination (place)

  • Task: 24. February, to play together, to 125,000 of games, and over 500,000 of trophies to win
  • The reward: A unique static-PS4-a Design an exclusive and a PSN Avatar

2. The destination (place)

  • Task: 375.000, play games, and 1.5 million in awards to win
  • The reward: The five exclusive PSN Avatar pictures

3. The target

  • Task: 675,000 games to play, and to 2.7 million in awards
  • The reward: A unique dynamic of the PS4’s Design

+++ The PS4 Game for PlayStation, has announced a competition to win exclusive +++

The receipt of the welcome bonus is only available to players who have registered in time for the Game, he has the right. A back available here. All bookings are made with a logon ID, which you can here. In addition to the above bonuses, players will have the chance to win a PlayStation Kit. It consists of a real PlayStation Platinum trophy in with your PSN ID.

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