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The first night at An Italian film written, produced and directed by Darren Aronofsky, the Director of de The black Swan and Requiem for a dream

Friday, 7. February, 21.20, about then to Italywill broadcast the thriller-horror, directed by the visionary filmmaker Darren Aronofsky Mother!a film in 2017, with Jennifer Lawrence in the role of the protagonist, accompanied by a cast of level. The film was also playing in Venice in the year 2017, presented at the film festival but did not win the Golden lion.

Mother!, the trailer

Mother!, the plot

When a writer and his young wife received at home, two unexpected guests, begin, occur, episodes of terrible, and their relationship is idyllic turns into a nightmare, hell.

Mother!, the cast

Jennifer Lawrence (The Bill Engvall Show, The Burning Plain – The limit of loneliness, A cold winter, the beaver, Like Crazy, X-Men – The beginning, Hunger Games, The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle – looks can be deceiving, Joy, PassengersRed Sparrow) plays the mother, while Javier Bardem (Ham, Golden eggs, flesh trémula, Collateral, the sea inside me, The last inquisitor, it is No country for old love in the time of cholera, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Biutiful, eat pray love, SkyfallThe Counselor – The Prosecutor, the “pirates of the Caribbean – The revenge Salazar Escobar – The fascination of evil, who know All,” The Roads Not Taken) it is He, the writer, and Ed Harris (Westworld – Where everything is allowed, deep coma, The man of the border, The seasons of the heart, Sweet Dreams, The Abyss, The member, Apollo 13, The Rock, The Truman ShowEnemy girlfriends, Pollock, enemy at The gates, the Buffalo Soldiers, A Beautiful Mind, The Hours, Gone, Baby, Gone, The mystery of the lost pages – National Treasure, Appaloosa, Snowpiercer, Cymbeline, 40 carats, Geostorm) is the mysterious visitor that she is in the film simply as “the man”.

Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface, All in one night, The witches of Eastwick, A merry widow… but not too much, dangerous liaisons”, ” Batman The return, A day… for the case, Sogno di una notte di mezza estate, The hidden truths, I am Sam, White Oleander, Stardust, Dark ShadowsMurder on the Orient Express, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Maleficent – woman of evil) is “the woman”, while Domnhall Gleeson (Don’t leave me, The Grit, Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows, Double game, Dredd, Anna Karenina, a question of time, Ex Machina, behavior As driving, Star Wars: Episode VII – the force awakeningChristopher Robin, The guest, Your Bad Self you) plays the eldest son and Brian Gleeson (The Tiger’s Tail, snow white and the huntsman, The Stag – If sopravvivo mi groom, Assassin’s Creed, The mesh of the Logan, The wire is hidden, Hellboy 2019what less. Finally, looking at Kristen Wiig (I’m lost, Christmas, I won’t ask you, Bill, Very pregnant, I download, Ghost Town, Adventureland, crazy night in Manhattan, Paul, The friends of the bridePresenter 2 – financing for the preparation of the message, The secret dreams of Walter Mitty, her, diary of a teenager, Survived – The MartianZoolander 2, masterminds – The genes of fraud, a mother, a downsized full of life, Ghostbusters 2016, Where ‘ d You Go, Bernadette) in the clothes of the messenger.

Mother!, the curiosity

Jennifer Lawrence is barefoot for the entire film.

As is apparent from the list of actors in the cast, no character is never referred to by name, along the entire course of the film and in the credits the actors are listed, depending on the role.

Jennifer Lawrence has told you, by a scene with Michelle Pfeiffer, she’s out of tune, his jokes, because they are completely enraptured by the color of the eyes of the actress Ladyhawke.

Jennifer Lawrence is taken a year off work from the film after the completion of the rotation Mother! since you found prosciugante the experience.

At the Venice film festival in the year 2017, the screening of the film followed in the hall of different pipes, and the parties, once begun, the and credits.

Kristen tried Wiig, at the most, a role in the film, among other things, used in the occupation of the last second and were able to the installation in his role in a planning-is incredibly dense because of all the work commitments she had already taken. The Wiig wanted to work with Aronofsky on all of the costs.

The Golden raspberry, the famous anti-Oscar, the be assigned for the worst film and worst actor, is appointed, the Director of this production, Darren Aronofsky just Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, respectively, as worst Director, worst actress and worst actor. If you are a document for the nomination, but many of the insurgents in the defense of Lawrence, that even the most ardent opponent Mother! they defended with the sword, and stressed several times that his performance is one of the few elements that you say you store them in a film have not succeeded.

Mother!, review

Works extremely ambitious, a Director, as the intellectual and conceptual Mother! he got criticism extremely heterogeneous, that the unmatched already described, sometimes as a masterpiece, and sometimes like a movie, more than negligible. Probably the truth lies in the middle, and not that the occupation of large TvZap she feels it a 6 out of courage, while the specialized website of the cinema MyMovies has 2,79 out of 5 stars IMDb and rated it a 6.6 on 10.