¡Rosalia gets gold teeth! Look at your last photo


In the last few months has been the opinion of the singers Karol G and Rosalia saved a huge resemblance. Some say that it is the Colombian who has plagiarized the Catalan. Others believe that it was the Catalan that you copied to the Medellin.

Consider it especially with regard to their style of dress. On numerous occasions, it has been seen Rosalia and Karol G wearing outfits similar.

Although the detail which has led many to suspect and talk of plagiarism have been nails. The feature manicure that tend to look at both singers. Nails with which it must not be easy to carry out some tasks. And not the house, because those are clear that they have to who makes them.

Good vibes

They, for their part, prefer to ignore the comments. In fact, they have come to pose together to dispel any suspicion that might arise about an enmity or rivalry between them. And is that your relationship is excellent.

Karol G and Rosalia
Karol G and Rosalia

But neither the people have stopped to think that one of the two plagiarized from the other. Still accusing them of stealing the ideas in terms of styling.

Something that, if true, what we’ll see in the next few days. And it remains to be seen if Karol G copies the latest Rosalia.

The latest acquisition of Rosalia

As you can see in the following publication, hanging by Rosalia this Monday, it has been at least four gold teeth. A post which, by the way, accumulated almost 1.8 million “likes” in less than a day, including the Sara Carbonero. We will be attentive to if Karol G appears with gold teeth in the next few days.