Saturn Prospekt, present the Flyer with the best Deals on 4K TVs & consoles


Saturn flyer with the presents leaflets The saturn booklet: the present Leaflet, with the Top Offer.

The current Saturn prospectus, there are, for each and every item that is offered as a free gift of grace. As a result, some of the best prices for various products on offer. Some of the 4K TVs that are on the track of the low. It also provides round-the-PS4, Nintendo power and the Xbox One X. waiting for you, but

The saturn’s 3-to-2: The gift of Saturn in this prospectus, you may present games for the PS4 and the Xbox One, it’s cheaper to buy it. Just three games into the shopping cart and you will only have to pay for the two of them.

How long is Saturn in the prospectus valid? The offerings in the current Saturn prospectus shall be valid for up to 16. The march is good enough for a 9 AM PDT, or while supplies last.

All of the deals on Saturn brochure

The Sony KD-65XG9505 TV-4 + Xbox-One-X-cheap

So the offer is this: At Saturn flyer, you get The Sony KD-65XG9505 a 4K TV The 65-inch 1.444 Euros. At the same time, the current best price for the TV. As a gift, you will receive a Xbox-One-X-in-What-Size-are 4 the LEGO Speed Champion Bundle. free. If the value of the Xbox-Bundles (about 270 Euros), the purchase price of the TV, you paid, effectively, the only 1.174 million. This is far and away the best value for money for a TV in 4K to the Sony.

On the TV, 4K offers you the following: The Sony KD-65XG9505 you’re going to have to hope for a really good 65-inch 4K TV. The operating system of Sony’s focus on Android TV, allowing you access to the Google Play Store and on TV you’re going to win. The X1 is the better processor, it also ensures that a good image is used. In addition, it provides you with, it is, of course, dynamic range (HDR) mode, and a match for the best Input lag of about 20 msec. The Display of Sony usa, in addition to the new LED lighting technology.

So it is good to PLAN for the buyer: In total, the Sony 4K TV to get to it from the previous customers, and reviews are very good. 287 the comments that it receives, an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. You have highlighted a very good overall package, and the self-image.

The Sony 4K TV + free-Xbox-One-X-1.444 €

The Sony 4K TV + Xbox, buy An The Sony 4K TV in a Bundle with the Xbox One, X

The other offerings on the Saturn brochure

In addition to this, you can provide us with, in the case of Saturn, the a Nintendo to Change the Lite in a Bundle with an amiibo, and the PS4 Slim with an extra Controller, it’s cheap insurance. At Microsoft, you get a Surface to Go with the Type of Coverage that is most beneficial.

All of the deals on Saturn brochure

With this offer, you should not miss out on: Disney is currently the case for only 59.99 euros for the year. So, you can get the entry in before the official launch to be particularly favorable.

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