Scarlett Johansson, 5 grounds, now owned


2019 is the year of Scarlett Johansson and everything seems to indicate, is that it is also up to 2020.

Not many baby actors manage to be big Hollywood stars, when they grow up (perhaps, because they will stop at the end of, or to have that power, fame, money, and give them to the head to ruin your life). Some of them disappear after puberty and life, the tragic, to feel, and break the heart, still more, anyone who grew up with them.
Scarlett Johansson is no different, he started with small roles and films for children, but he has to make good decisions during his career, which of your projects that is always best, and, at the end, to a hero Marvel with two Oscar nominations this year.

It is clear that Scarlett Johansson has always had talent, but with so much competition, an actor who really wants to be a star of the cinema must offer something different. That is why some have all the studios in the battle to your. Timothée Chalametfor example, cool a touch of carefree, a style, and a perfect hair style, she has conquered men and women. The ex the girl with the pearl earring it has an amazing ability to change from one role to another, as it would be the easiest thing in the world, a lot of sex appeal and the ability to always be authentic and credible in the scene. All the features of the great interpreters.

Scarlett Johansson is an actress with a career that way in 2019, led you to a different level, where the become a legend-and you are no longer a must-have to a last name so we can identify you, and everything seems to indicate that things are only becoming more and more of now.

Here are the 5 reasons why this could be decade, and you should (still) more obsessed with his talent.

Is one of the few actors, who received two nominations in the same year

Scarlett Johansson is only a part of this club-the players-confidential format, who has a job so perfect that the Academy could not help but see them as two different categories in the same year. In his case it is roles Jojo Rabbitfrom Taika Waititi and Marriage Storyof Noah Baumbach. Also in the case of non-victory, already has a place in the book of the history of the Academy awards.

It has managed to close the gap, the wages

In the year 2019, Scarlett Johansson, the actress has more numbers in the year, thanks to his contract with Marvel and the movie his character is dedicated, Black Widow. It has not yet managed to overcome some of the men paid more, but their work is so valuable that the studios were willing to pay for what it is by many other fellow talent. And this is only the beginning.

He received his first project, a stand-alone (Black Widow)

For some strange reason, before Avengers: EndgameMarvel had not set, on the program, a film dedicated to his character of Black Widow. But they had all of the important Avengers a long time, a film in which you tell us your story from the group. Apparently you meant that it was necessary. As his victim Endgamebut she would have recognized that his character was a lot more popular than you thought.

Black Widow, then it is the first Marvel heroes in your film, but it is the most anticipated, and, in contrast to Captain Marvel, not that no one will detest.

Two words: Jojo Rabbit

Yes, for someone, the Jojo Rabbit is the best thing, has done it in his entire career. As a mother of Jojo, the eye opens to us what you have done, perhaps, by our mothers when we were small, without our knowledge. On the one hand, shows us a strong woman who is ready to do everything to make happy his son is concerned, on the other, a mother, to cry when you think of the future.

Strength, courage, vulnerability, fear, pain, and courage, Scarlett Johansson in this satirical Comedy shows us the whole spectrum of emotions with a single character, the touches and all the attention unites in itself every time when it appears in the scene, and not just because of his appearance.

He says what he thinks, which is ready to be decided, who feels attacked unfairly

It is not clear that Scarlett Johansson is a product of Hollywood, but it has its meaning. It is clear that not matter what others think than you do. Recently, the actress has shown great loyalty to the accused for Woody Allen, of sexual abuse, although he is a complicated case. A gesture that has shown that it prefers to tell the truth and defend his friends, even if the thing can generate, the criticism against them.