Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman and other look of Oscar-2020


From the race on the red carpet, here all the stars are have understood it, they steal the scene by the own look. The bright dress of the elegant Scarlett Johansson to the dress Natalie tribute Portman, here are the best outfit-this Oscar of all-2020-strategy.

The The Oscar night is one of the most anticipated of the year. The event assumes that in the course of the year, more and more prestige. Many are the guests, the presenters, the winners and the artists who walked the red carpet and tile on the stage last night. The live event focused, clear, inside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. At this stage many bonuses supplied, the to the various artists of the panorama of contemporary film. Last night, the attention of the entire public is focused on the occupation and the production of the film Parasite, has won in the category Best film.

However, many artists and especially women artists, have understood, well in the eyes of the whole world catch. Many and various are the looks that you have decorated red carpet of the event. Between these, there are some suggestions worth noting.

Scarlett Johansson and his victory for the “best outfit”

Many of the looks of a Hollywood star, and not only that, we were able to see, in this long season prices are. Between all, Scarlett Johansson stealing has always been in the location of the scene to its competitors. The elegance and the attitude of the actress are some of his strengths, and the interpreter was able to enhance better lately. Last week, another important ceremony, that of the BAFTA Awards. For the occasion, the actress in a long robe, wearing the color pink. The dress was decorated with sequins and feathers, while its wide neckline valorizzava the curves of the artist. The dress bore the signature of Versace, and was on this occasion, they steal the scene to all the other appearance.

For this Oscar-2020Scarlett Johansson couldn’t be less. Although the actress has not managed to take home no the price, the dress has to take, dug on the red carpet. Also last night, the interpreter, wore a dress by vera winner. This time is the signature on the dress is known Oscar de la Renta. The artist has unraveled, once again, on the side of your fiance Colin Jost. But make self-assured the long dress, “Oscar”, he was wearing was. With curtains and the bright stones on the bustier, a generous neckline to speak, the dress was in the color champagne. Definitely, the best outfits from the red carpet this Oscar-2020-strategy.

Scarlett Johansson Oscar-2020

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Natalie Portman and her dress, a homage to the fight against gender discrimination

The world of cinema, as in many other areas, is still rooted in a system of discriminatory. Be damaged, and such forms of discrimination are in lower categories. People of color or other cultures, but very often it is the women, at the expense of the. In the last time, because it is our attention to the fact that the presence of the Directors at these awards for almost nothing. In particular, In the history of the 92 years of the Academy awards were only five women candidates for their job. Only one of them, the managed to film Director Kathryn Bigelow will win the Oscar for Best Director with the film The Hurt Locker.

The actress Natalie Portman has decided to fight against gender discrimination. The interpreter wore a elegant black dress with details in gold. A black coat covered his shoulders and part of the dress, but he discovered the most important detail. On the tulle were embroidered with the names of all the Directors in the course of history have made, and film studios were not accepted for the but right. An exciting homage that tries to get justice for women who do their work well, as well as the men, but you will meet many obstacles. A designer dress Dior that’s how it Scarlett Johansson, who will certainly not forget.

Other look of the Oscar-2020

Here are other looks that have ruled on the red carpet at the Academy awards in 2020.

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