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The [email protected] at the University of california, Berkeley, is one step in history-Why are you going to stop the distribution of the computational load from external Computers. If the bill doesn’t say anything: the [email protected] (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at home) the search for signs of extraterrestrial radio. Anyone can take part, for which he was a part of the performance of a PC ready for that. With effect from 31. In march of the year 2020 will not be possible.

The project was an important milestone and opened the way for a lot of other things, such as [email protected], which is in the research of cancer. Evidence of alien activity, he could not find the [email protected], however, is to be determined, but at the very least, the notes on the areas that you may want to explore this in more detail. Now the project will go to sleep, but in the winter, because of the voluntary participation of the users, and it will not be possible.

As to the reasons for the decision, you announced that it would make sense to gather more data and analyze it. In addition, you have arrived at a point where the data is finally processed and prepared, it would have to be in order to publish the results in a scientific Journal.

On the Site, as well as for the Community, for the [email protected] should continue to exist. You need to find more areas of application for the university of california, Berkeley, can be called Using the voluntary as well – for example, in the study of pulsars. We found the following inside. The developers of the project say thank you once again for all of the employees that participated in more than 20 years, in one or the other of the point of [email protected]