Shannen Doherty shares how facing his second battle against cancer: “Not always easy”


Shannen Doherty, known for playing Prue Halliwell in ‘Haunted’ and Brenda Walsh in ‘Feeling of living’, announced that although it seemed that he had completely recovered from her breast cancer in 2017, had already spent almost a year fighting back against him. The actress had suffered a relapse and was in phase 4. Now wanted to share an update of how you are doing, and has done so through a publication that has how it deals with this second battle.

“After a year dealing with the return of the cancer and other stresses, I’m back. Taking care of myself and taking advantage of each day”wrote Doherty on Instagram. It is not always easy. I have days where I am depressed or just slack. The actress, who shared a photo with Anne Marie Kortright and the personal coach of celebrities, Kira Stokes, also posted pictures of a few healthy recipes.

Shannen Doherty

It seems that Doherty is changing your eating habits and are trying to include this type of healthy food to your day-to-day. All of this is thanks to the help of his friends. “I move forward with the help of my friends. @Annemkortright has been relentless at the time to encourage me and to learn new ways of cooking that feeds my soul and my belly, but in a very healthy way”, he wrote. In addition, thanks to the help of Kira has become to put in place physically and to practice some sport. “It has been a productive week. I feel better. My skin is alive, and I also“, he concluded.

This so healthy, the actress is facing her second battle against breast cancer. And he is taking it seriously, as in his last publication appears again with her friend Anne in that pose with a milkshake healthy. “Yes, I’m still in this”wrote the actress. With the publication of these latest photos, the actress has not stopped receiving comments of encouragement on the part of his followers. “You’re an inspiration to me“he wrote to a follower. “All of my family and I will send you lots of luck and strength. We feel a lot of respect and admiration for you.”wrote another user. “The fight is all”, I shared another.

Big props

From that Shannen Doherty has made public its relapse, the actress has received multiple signs of affection, but one of the most special has been the of Jason Priestley, who played her brother in fiction in ‘Feeling of living’. “I got in contact with Shannen when the news came out. You are overwhelmed with all signs of affection”, said the actor.

Sensation of living

Shannen was a big part of my life. We will always have a union that is very significant. I am shattered by the news and we wish both her and her family the best in this difficult time”said. Both were reunited for the revival of ‘Feeling of living’: ‘BH90210’.