Space: a New discovery and it is beyond the imagination of even the researchers didn’t believe it at first


The researchers have made an amazing discovery. For the average person, for the record, it is beyond any one’s imagination. Even the astronomers have doubted.

  • Researchers with the registry to take your Breath away.
  • The most well-known Explosion in the universe has been saved.
  • The astronomers were initially skeptical due to the size of the outbreak”.

We want you to understand it and explain it, but, at times, even the Pioneer of the “man” to its limits. Finally, our objective is not to force, finally, the universe may as well. There are some things that are foreign to even the most intelligent people that make the puzzle impossible to happen. The other mystery is that it is now, the researchers are to be registered, in a galaxy far, far away. The starting point is a super-massive black hole at the The Galaxy cluster in Ophiuchus, at a distance of about 390 million light-years away Away. The most well-known Explosion in the universe has been saved. The eruption was about five Times more energy than the previous one, in the year of 2005 saw a record-holder, writes of the Team, Simona Giacintucci from the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, the daily In “The Astrophysical Journal”,.

“We have already seen in the previous outbursts at the centers of galaxies, but this is a very, very, very strong,” says the Co-author, Melanie Johnston-Hollitt from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), in the communication of their facilities.

The black hole makes it to the news: “It happened in slow motion – like an Explosion in slow motion”

Why the Explosion was so violent, so thoroughly, of course. In addition to this, one more fact to question the faces of the scientists. The Mega-blast in Slow motion and play. In total, the show spans the course of an adventurous period of time: “It happened in slow motion – like an Explosion in slow-motion, the In the hundreds of millions of years, dragged down“well, then, Johnston-Hollitt, more.

This is an extremely strong Eruption that occurred in the Ophiuchus cluster of galaxies. Clusters of galaxies are the largest structures in the universe held together by gravity, and hundreds of thousands of individual galaxies, dark matter and hot Gas.

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The researchers had a question at the beginning: “The universe is a strange place”

Already by the year 2016, all of the astronomers with x-ray telescopes, Nasa had already noticed a big difference in the ultra-hot Gas in the vicinity of the Black hole. It could not be Milk-street, – the milky way – 15 Times in a side-by-side pack, ” explains the leader of the team, Giacintucci. So far, the theory circulated that the bump is most likely caused by an Explosion. But the idea was eventually discarded because even the scientists have believed that such a Detonation to be unthinkable. You should fool a Melanie Johnston says Hollitt: “people were sceptical because of the sheer size of the outbreak. But it really is. The universe is a strange place.”

A total of Ophiuchus, but it consists of thousands of galaxies. The Explosion, probably responsible for the Black hole it is in a galaxy in the center of the Ophiuchus.

For a second, the moon is in orbit around the earth for a period of time, however, it is going to take the Controls again soon. But a student at the University of British Columbia have discovered 17 new planets, one of which has the potential to be habitable in the first place.

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