‘Star Wars’ reveals that Leia was also frozen in carbonite between episodes V and VI


The image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite at the end of ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The empire strikes back’ it is without doubt one of the most iconic of the whole saga galactic. The sequence meets 40 years, but now ‘Star Wars’ has revealed that the legendary smuggler was not the only one who suffered such a fate.

Leia frozen in carbonite

In the new comic series ‘Star Wars’, written by Charles Soule, it has been discovered that princess Leia also had to face the terrible process. Located before ‘Star Wars: Episode VI – return of The Jedi’, the story tells how Leia, Lando, and Luke return to Bespin in search of a sword lost by the latter.

To get to the City of the Clouds are a bit of endurance imperial the you have to face. Once solved the obstacle, the trio split, each one with a mission different. In the case of Leia, your goal will be to discover how to thaw at Have. However, it will be interrupted by a patrol of imperial soldiers that will cut off the step. With the order to bring every prisoner to the post of imperial security nearest, the princess is finally frozen, running the same fate as his beloved scoundrel.

Learn the hard way

It is expected that in the three numbers that are left of this series of comics Leia is rescuedbasically because in the start of ‘Return of The Jedi’ it is she who saves to Have been the Palace of Jabba. Therefore, it seems evident that the dear princess had to learn the method of defrosting of a way not too pleasant.

The carbonite it is one of the methods of capture are most popular across the universe ‘Star Wars’. From that Have was to be frozen in the film, this technique has also appeared in series such as ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and even ‘The Mandalorian’.