The best deals in merchandising: ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Rick and Morty’ and ‘Toy Story’


This Wednesday, the Captain Bids you go up to the infinity and beyond to bring you the best bargains in merchandising. So if you want to laugh with ‘Rick and Morty’ or remember your childhood with sagas like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Toy Story’, there is something for everyone among the chollos pins of the week.

The best deals of the week, 'Harry Potter' to 'Toy Story'

In the first place, don’t miss this deal on the Samsung tv. In addition to resolution 4K UHD and promises a quality of image comparable, with an impressive 55 inches of width. Along with this Sony Blu-ray player, you have everything you need to do a marathon of ‘Harry Potter’. Oh Accio, popcorn!

Speaking of the child that survived, there is this scarf with design Gryffindor to show your pride for your house in addition to this kit LEGO Bus Nighty. With the upcoming release of ‘Onward’, we have also been reflecting on the best works of Pixar and to the cableza of the list should be the franchise that makes both adults and children sollocen, ‘Toy Story’. You will have to watch these figures Mattel Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Pellet to see if they move before someone screams “it comes Andy!”. To conclude the list of some excellent deals, there is this board game that is based on the series ‘ acclaimed ‘Rick and Morty’ to do a game night full of laughter.


Samsung 4K UHD 2019 Smart TV 55″ – Buy 798,70 euros

Sony Blu-ray Player – Buy 75,30 €


Harry Potter Scarf Gryffindor – Buy 21,74 €

LEGO Harry Potter Bus Nighty – Buy for 30,00 euros

Buzz Lightyear Superguardían Walker and Chatterbox (Mattel) – Buy for 32,49 €

Figures Woody and Pellet (Mattel) – Buy for 27,49 €

Board game 10 Days Rick and Morty – Buy it for 27,99 eur


Funko Pop! Harry Potter (Harry’Potter’) – Buy 12,64 €

Funko Pop! Ron Weasley (‘Harry Potter’) – Buy 12,02 €

Funko Pop! Forky (‘Toy Story 4’) – Buy 14,12 eur

Funko Pop! Buzz Lightyear (‘Toy Story’) – Buy by to 11.69 euros

Funko Pop! Rick (‘Rick and Morty’) – Buy for 14.99 euros

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