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The Messenger falls down again and again through gaps in the security. Currently, it is the Alien to get to appear to be a popular in a Chat Feature to their phone.

Even though the Chat shows, the security, the support for the Messenger’s heart, and he came less Often, serious vulnerabilities. The latest focus is, in A way that’s more insidious WhatsApp Hackit allows potential attackers to your messages, and have access to the files, and so missed the Chat and read it. All that is required is: a Chat-Gif, by the Strangers in your chat WhatsApp is able to read you can do so.

WhatsApp Hack, So caution is advised

Specifically, it is the Developers that are affected by the recently revealed WhatsApp-per-WhatsApp-Gif is mobile phones, where the versions of Android up to, and including, 2.19.243 to run. In the event of a fault, a so-called Double-free-Bug-in, the Parameter of ‘ free () twice for the same amount. This is a problem, because in this way, the storage areas of the external content would be overwritten.

Experts in safety, with the possible Wake-up call, according to the Bug that allows you to have two different approaches you can take, in the case of the Chat to read it. The file is malicious, you can go through an already sabotaged the App to the phone, on the other hand, you can send it as a WhatsApp-Gif-in-one attachment to a message. Particularly, in the second variant, it makes it the WhatsApp Hack is very tricky.

WhatsApp is able to read the Patch solves a big Problem

Prior to the release via the Chrome, a security researcher has made on the WhatsApp for the mother-of-Facebook about the Bug’s attention. A short time later, the “gap”, which allows you to WhatsApp Hack it has been concluded, the Version 2.19.244 in an upcoming Patch. The most important thing is that you will be, if the Messenger service is up-to-date. The only way that you can prevent Strangers from reading their Conversation in WhatsApp.

That is Strange, can you read it in a straightforward manner, in the case of WhatsApp, it should be avoided. Windows live Messenger, but it also makes the off-the-WhatsApp-Gifs-for-the hustle and bustle, because it is possible that a third-party Backups of your images with a simple Trick. What’s more, you should, however, however, before the WhatsApp-clone-in-Eight of take up that has already infected more than 42,000 mobile phones in Germany.

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