The costumes Anitta with a double meaning: sensuality, and commitment


What is certain is that in the last few days there has been another that Anitta the who has shown he has a talent more special to marketing with content of struggle.

And it is that, with the excuse of the famous brazilian carnival, the singer carioca has been popping up over Instagram with a series of outfits which had a double function.

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On the one hand, as is usual in Anittathe of leaving to his followers with the mouth open, bearing in mind that they are ‘costumes’ that leave very little to the imagination.

On the other, to make clear his involvement with the fight against climate change and deforestation and all the negative things that this means for certain species.

The guise of Anitta

Just a few days ago we saw Anitta disguised as a frog, and now we see black panther. A panther, apparently seen, it seems that they are in the mind of the singer. And is that the text that accompanies the image is not that it’s poorly developed.

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“The black panther (black leopard or leopard) is an animal unlikely to be seen. This great cat was considered to be extinct in Kenya for 100 years, until it was photographed in 2018 by researchers. In the same year, coincidentally, saw a black panther in the savanna of brazil, full of hope to the biologists. She is still in the list of animals vulnerable and in need of protection. Their only predator is the human being that kills the animal for you to sell your skin rare. It is also the human being who destroys the place where you live, making the panther doesn’t have anything to hunt down and causing his death”, says Anitta along with some pictures, how not to have generated many comments.

My mother yes that is a panther”, “I love that mix sensuality with commitment”, “This woman is the best…poses as well and step awareness to your followers” or “we’ll See if this message of yours to the person who really has to get” these are just some of them.