The girls of Wall Street: Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B cinema


The girls of Wall Street (no, it is not the new single Myss Keta) today was officially released in all the cinemas of Italy and promises to be a success at the box office.

Because I speak to you about? Because the cast of protagonists is super pop among Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Reuse, Keke Palmer (of Scream Queens), Lili Reinhart (of Riverdale) and Julia Stiles (of Dexter).
I love the movie Girl Power.

The girls of Wall Street | Plot

“The girls of Wall Street” tells the story of Ramona organizes a scam to the detriment of wealthy customers. The group is part Destiny, played by Constance Wu, a girl who finds herself to be hard working as a stripper in order to keep his grandmother. The meeting with Ramona changed her life and thanks to the help of Diamon learns all the tricks of the pole dance and the art of seduction to get more money from customers. The economic crisis of 2008, however, leads to the collapse, and thus the group of dancers is able to identify the leaders of the financial scam Wall Street. By doing so, justify the fact of wanting to recover from them a little bit of money, truffandoli to their time. The film’s director, Lorene Scafaria, has told of the shooting of the film: “they Were all very excited to see our world through the eyes of women. I wanted to treat the thing as if it was a movie about sports, in order to emphasize the athleticism that serves in the stripping and also to celebrate the fact that the on-screen Jennifer Lopez to 50 years old and is the best we have ever seen before.” The director has delayed the shooting of six months in order to have the actress of puerto rican origin in his own movie”.

Source | SkyTg24