The infanta Cristina explains the physical deficiency that Letizia hides to the whole of Spain


04 march 2020
(12:56 CET)

There is a detail of the Queen Letizia that called especially the attention. Over the years it has gone unnoticed, because it seemed like something that they do not give importance. However, it is not a trivial matter. And it is that we are talking about a disability of the wife of Felipe VI.

Interestingly, the monarch never speaks in public. He’s never read even a single paper in public. And usually does not look at the screens when there is some presentation.

Felipe VI congtreso

Some pointed out that it was due to that it is your husband, the Head of State, which must carry the singing voice. And it could be so. However, when you appear alone that it does. And everything has an explanation in a deficiency of the former Spanish Television. A problem that you discovered in Informalia in an escape from the Queen to the cinema.

Letizia, incognito in the film

On a Friday night, after having appeared in two official acts, the monarch changed clothes, put on a pair of drainpipe, a sports black jacket black and a white t-shirt, and headed to the cinemas Verdi of Madrid.

Obviously, Letizia did not queue. It is a woman’s farsighted and already had the entry. And once in the room caught. It seems that the queen looks less than a blind.

The disability of Letizia

As stated by the media, the wife of Philip V pulled it out of the bag a pair of spectacles to see. “Doña Letizia wearing hair up with a bun in the middle of the head and centered, and drew attention to use glasses to see, of black paste”, revealed the publication. And taking into account that you used glasses to see from afar, white and in a bottle: Letizia it is short-sighted.

A secret you already knew Felipe, the infantas Cristina and Elena, and emeritus John Carlos and Sofiaand is now in the public domain at all Spain.