The Last of Us Part 2: is the European Steelbook scanned


The Last of Us Part 2: is the European Steelbook scanned

“The Last of Us-Part 2” is currently in the process of being published. And the buyers of some of the issues you’ll have in a Steelbook case. Deep in the bowels of the Internet, an image has appeared today that is in line with the description of a European look with Premium package to play with.

Ellie and Joel has been in the focus of

The steel Cover books focuses on the two main actors of the series into focus. This is the way Joel and Ellie, which is found on each side of the case. Look at the article on these lines.

But the note on The copy that is published today is a little different from the standard, which was introduced in the wake of the release of the Special Edition. In addition, it comes with a Steelbook can be pre-ordered now.

Among the special contents of the said disc, a 48-page Mini-Artbook by Dark Horse-a-dynamic-PS4-Design, as well as a six-PSN-avatars as digital bonuses. The price of the Special Edition is around 100 Euros.

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“The Last of Us-Part 2” is on the 29th. In may of 2020, in order to conquer, exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in the market place. In the past, the situation has begun to appear a number of times that Sony and Naughty Dog to release a Version for the PS5 in order to make the game more of a turn on to greater glory.

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