The moon and back: China, he makes a discovery that no one was expecting


The moon in the back it has a lot of secrets. One of them is it could be a surprising result for China’s moon mission is revealed to you.

China was the first country in the world The Moon-Back come and explore them with the Rover, Yutu-2, which was transported from the spacecraft, the Chang’e-4 for about a year now, to the moon. Right now, the moon appears to be on a mission,I have found something that you previously would never be seen.

Our around-The one found in the Chang’e-4

The one that used to be available only from the Orbit of the study, China has been able to exploit with its Chang’e-4 mission to the moon for the first Time, either directly on-site. Because up until now, I just think that, on the surface of the moon from the back, it had already been done.

Now, however, The moon is round, is covered with a layer of stones, and the dust, and they appeared billions of years ago by the continuous impacts from meteorites. Some of the parts are, according to the study, which was published in “Science Advances” up to 12 feet in thickness.

So, no one is expected to

To the Surprise of the top layer of the surface of the moon in the back is a lot thicker than it was expected before the moon mission, the Chang’e-4, and a Yutu-2. The astronomers based their conclusion on the past observations, from the Apollo moon landings, and it would be only a quarter of the walk, told the New York Times.

“That’s a lot of Regolith (Anm. d. it’s Red.: The layer of loose Material on the rock of the planet, as it is a food for Thought,” said the senior scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston, texas, by David A. Kring. By using the currently used radar technology so far, especially on the ground, but is unlikely to on the other planets in order to use it, I would like to further investigate, the researchers, in addition to the abundance of ice on the surface in the polar regions of the moon. So, the scientists hope to be able to the geologic history of the moon and from the moon back to the moon in a mission to keep the light on.

Around the moon, the regular news of interest. It has recently been discovered in the vicinity of the earth’s second moon. And also, we were on our back, this was not the first of the mysterious discovery.

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