The perched Kylie Jenner to the sun that “does not exceed or Rosalia”


Kylie Jenner may not be the biggest media of the family. In fact, it is not at all, and that honour goes to Kim Kardashian. But, like all of them, also has behind him a large legion of followers, specifically, to a whopping… ¡164 billion!!! Almost nothing. All are anxious to see their images, which are sometimes near, or exceed, the limits of censorship.

The american is also in love with your body, and defends that he does what he pleases. And she’s right. Therefore, do not think twice when presented to the naked, as his mother brought him to the world. And, if poses with clothes, with clothes well lightweight, which expose their curves and their attributes. It is the case of this image.

In it, she is lying face down, on a sofa, by the side of a landscape aphrodisiac. In the background, the mountains are seen, and also a huge swimming pool, and very nice. As you well stated, it is an old snapshot, taken in the summer, a time of the year that he misses much, but, for which, fortunately, is very little.

Kylie surprises with a bikini, one-piece, exposing his back, and that enhances its tail. A tail that, despite not having a XXL size, like her sisters, also attracts attention. Because it will be small, but is well defined and placed.

Thousands of comments of support

Obviously, fans of Jenner became petrified before such mailing, unpublished. And so what is reflected in the comments.

“These buildings are not made or Rosalia”, “yes, Well, that desire comes the summer”, “there is No one beyond that to day of today” and “it is Simply beautiful, no more,” it read.