The photo of the market: the growth of the Lens and the photo-products


The Germans have bought in the past year, over two million digital still cameras (including action Cams). The figures for the photographic and imaging market, has published a photo of the confederation of industry (PIV) to show it. The downward trend that has been ongoing since 2011, it has used in the industry for a long, long time. At the moment, about 8.5 million of the cameras that were on the desk, close to a Million of them posed for the cameras, the SLR (DLSR). For the mirrorless system cameras, and the Numbers are 130,000 significantly lower than this.

This ratio is already state of the art. But it is a cause for rejoicing, it must have been that, in general, to the Level that it could not compensate for the decline in DSLR cameras have a moderately. So, you sold Nikon, Pentax, and co. in the past year, only some of 274,000 CAMERA. In contrast, 316.000-selling mirror-less camera system.

The last class of the camera, it is a growing piece of the moderately and sales, however, and so the manufacturer has come up with a total value of 343 million euros, a digital CAMERA (EUR 187 million). On average, the Germans went for their new mirrorless to be as good 1085 Euro. In the year 2018, the median price was just under 1000 Euros. The DSLR buyers are, of course, mean and set in 2019, only 680 euros for the tour (to 2018: 806 euros).

The high prices for the mirrorless system cameras are also more likely to be in the full-size models are responsible, which have been introduced by the end of 2018/ start of 2019 at the latest in the market. The price of the housing unit, the generation cost without a lens, it is now around 1500 Euros. However, in systems with a small Sensor, to make it happen and to get away from the newbies to the area, and for the ambitious and experienced photographers. Even though Olympus and Panasonic power-to-Micro-Four-Thirds System (MFT) for its compact housing it is well-known, to increase, by 2019, especially in the transition to a Semi-professional in the field. Since then, it provides you with an E-M1X-even a mirrorless with a built-in handle. Suggested retail price: 3000 Euro without lens.

“Without a lens” is the key word, because the lenses for mirrorless system cameras has resulted in a slight increase in the area of the so-called “Aftermarket”. From 255,000 to the Lenses sold in the year 2018 at the latest has to 2019 up to just under 320,000, and sold lenses for a system camera without a mirror. In order to compensate, even if the decline in the number of the Lenses of the CAMERA.

The slight growth of the photographic industry Association, is recorded also in the case of the instant-picture cameras, of which the farmers were able to sell in the past year, about nine per cent more than in the year 2018 – that is, 500,000 pieces. And also, the sales of these devices, an increase of 14 per cent.

Still on course for growth, as well as a photo of the product. So that, by 2019, approximately 9,24 million photos have been printed in books, and it is, therefore, an amount of 338 million euros were generated. In the same way, which is slightly above the Numbers on the wall, photos, and calendar.

In spite of some positive outliers, the photoindustrie-Verband, to admit that “the market has evolved since the introduction of the smartphone, to the detriment of the house of industry.” All the Numbers are positive, for example, in the picture of the products and the increase in the average price of cameras is reflected, however, that today, in fact, more and more people than ever before taking a picture”.

“The main task of the industry will be in 2020, in order to guide the consumer in mind, is that Shooting with a video camera, a different Dimension of creativity and the right equipment, it stresses the importance of the Moment, or the picture,” he says (PIV)-the Chairman of the Board of directors Kai Hillebrandt.