the poster for the film with Scarlett Johansson to show two villain’s secrets?


Black Widow

Attention, SPOILER on the Black Widow

Fans of Marvel will not miss anything, and for several days after its publication, a user could be claimed on Reddit to translate it, written in Russian, in character-poster Black Widow dedicated to Yelena Belova and Melina Vostokoffor be interpreted Florence Pugh and Rachel Weisz.

Now, in the two posters, would lettering “From the Darkness” (From the darkness) and “Towards the Light” (Against the light): two sets, the parrebbero will be harmless, but things are not exactly so. As the user emphasized, because these are nothing more than the phrases mobilise, the soldiers of theHYDRA in Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.! The question is: the two women are, in truth, two secret agents of the note terrorist organization, which has so hard a Black widow and its allies in the past? The thing is, I’m at the point, is it really plausible, whereas the stand-alone with Scarlett Johansson is closely tied Captain America: Civil War (and Steve Rogers, now we know, is the character of the UCM has with the HYDRA several times), and since Black Widow a real spy movie, it is legitimate to expect a few unexpected traitor.

What do you think about that? To hide that these two sentences were placed there in the poster just to confuse the audience, or really, Yelena and Melina you something? In order to know what exactly will happen, it’s the waiting to the exit Black Widow to the end of april!

Source: Reddit