The PS4 Update to 7.50-features Hidden in the Beta phase of the Trial, appeared


While the PS5 launches a shadow in front of you, it’s the PlayStation 4 is more popular than ever before. It’s no wonder, in the end, the players can get the newest console at a low price, with an excellent selection of Games to play. The PS4 is still not far away from the window, we can see also in the new update that Sony released for the Hardware.
As some of the Users have found (via MP1st), calls for Sony to Test out the PS4’s Firmware 7.50. The invitations for this Test at the end of the e-Mail address of the User you selected to see if the Update is on the heart and kidneys. The Curious thing is the Firmware Upgrade from 7.50 to bring, according to Sony, with no special Features for the PS4, but only in the stability of the system and, in General, in order to improve and Bugs to fix.